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Turkey Day Tips

Thanksgiving: A time for reflection on the year, remembering what you’re thankful for, and eating a lotof food. While traditions vary, universally on Thanksgiving the star of the show is a Thanksgiving turkey. After asking around on my college campus, I learned there’s dozens of ways to make the perfect thanksgiving turkey for your family. Below is a few fun or unique ways of making the perfect turkey for the whole family to enjoy. Dig in!


Deep Fried:

This style of cooking the turkey is something my family and I do every year! However, it can be a bit of a hazardous setup if not done properly, so I advise that you don’t let your littlest family members join in on this form of meal prep. 



Oven Roasted: 

This classic take on the turkey has been known and loved by families since America’s birth. The term “butter ball” was coined based on this beloved oven baked turkey. Find a classic recipe for every generation to enjoy.




If you’ve never been so lucky to have a smoked turkey on Thanksgiving, now’s the year to do it! With some mild weather expected for this Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect time to break out the smoker and make a turkey the whole family is sure to love!




If you’re looking for some added flavor but don’t have the means to get a smoker, grilling your family’s Thanksgiving turkey is a quick and easy way to add some flair. Grill masters – this one’s for you! 




If you found success with any of these recipes, let us know! Reach out to us through our social media accounts @gs.woods or like us on Facebook at GS Woods Financial Solutions LLC. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Written by Cady Ruth Stoever, G.S. Woods Financial Solutions LLC, Marketing and Communications Associate

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