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How Gym Memberships = Long Term Financial Savings

When you think of gym memberships, you may think of healthy habits, running, or enjoying a lap around the pool. What you may never have thought of? Long-term financial benefits. Your health is the best investment out there, so here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in yourself & getting a gym membership... 

  1. Lowered rate of heart disease & other chronic health ailments. A 2013 study noted that higher levels of physical activity were associated with a 21% reduction in coronary heart disease (CHD) events for men and a 29% reduction of CHD events in women ( 
  2. Health insurance companies may offer incentives. Some programs that exist offer an annual incentive by logging their workouts through the company’s app. This doesn’t apply to all health insurance companies, but looking into this certainly doesn’t hurt!
  3. You save money holistically on health care expenses. Did you know that the World Health Organization found that physically active people actually save about $500 on health care expenses per year? People who are in shape tend to get sick less often and are less likely to suffer from chronic disease (
  4. Life insurance companies may offer lower premiums, sometime called fit credit, for people with healthy lifestyles.

If feeling good and fueling your body weren’t good enough reasons to invest, now you know of some financial benefits. The new decade is your chance for a fresh start with a happier heart, wallet and mind. There’s no time like the present, so head on over to your gym today & get started! 


Written by: Cady Ruth Stoever, G.S. Woods Financial Solutions LLC, Marketing and Communications Associate


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