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Investment Banking

We provide transaction and advisory services for Lower Middle Market & Main Street business.  We have national and cross border capabilities with relationships in private equity, venture capital, and investment banking, our network has hundreds of years of experience.  Our back office completed over 350 deals in 2021 totaling $6 Billion.  Deals ranged in size from $1 Million to $1 Billion averaging about $50 Million. Our qualified analysts conduct high-quality, customized research and analytics. We have accurate and current market data to identify potential investors and can track private market deals. Our analysts gain cutting-edge insights on global industry trends providing you more options and opportunities.

Some questions:

  • What is your plan for your business as you approach retirement? 
  • Do you have the funds to live your desired retirement lifestyle?
  • What is your advisor doing to help you to maximize your business value, and therefore potential selling price, before you put your business on the market?
  • If you came across a business just like yours as it is today, for sale; would you buy it?
  • If you transfer your business to family, employees, or third parties; what are you going to do next?
  • If something happened to you today. whether it is death, disability, divorce, disaster, distress; would your business survive?

These are some of the questions we can help you answer.  The goal is to maximize the value of your business so that you have options. Those options include maximizing the sale price should you chose to exit

Our Process

Our Process

There is no rule about where you can enter this process.  We always start with a business valuation, and personal financial assessment that includes the family business enterprise, and a gap analysis.  We need to know if you are ready and if your business is ready for the next step.  That next step could be more growth, buying a business, selling your business, or any number of different combinations that support your goals.

We us the value acceleration process which can last several months or several years based on your goals for your organization and for yourself.


Strategic Advisory

Professional traders enter the market with clear goals and expectations.  Whether they are speculators or long-term investors, they all have an exit plan.  So should you with your business.  We use the value acceleration methodology and risk management strategies to help you grow your business and prepare for exit (Or more growth later on.).

Insurance Brokerage

Investment Consulting

Private Financial Research & Analysis

Commercial Real Estate Sales & Advisory

M&A Advisory

Our outsourced team includes advisors and bankers with decades of experience and who have deep networks and resources to help you with your goals. Part of our network includes a marketplace where over 150 bankers and investors have access to collaborate on business deals.

Sell Side Advisory is our bread and butter because we work with entrepreneurs, founders and their families.  Including loan preapprovals on your business or property to attract more buyers.

Buy Side Advisory we can support your search by contacting and attracting quality deals through a customized marketing and screening process. Including loan pre-approvals for buyers to shop with "cash".

Capital Advisory

We bring strategic partners to the table. Not just funders, but consultants that will help grow your business.

We a part of a deep network across venture capital, private equity, and other investment banks.

Raising capital for your business can be difficult and frustrating. You can trust in our ability to keep the process moving forward, and to source the funding you need to flourish and grow.   Through our deal team, we can find funding through:

Securities based lending

Commercial Real Estate Loans

SBA Loans

Business Brokerage

Business Brokerage

Small, Mainstreet, businesses require a different approach when it comes to Business brokerage.  The reality is that most businesses in this market transfer in the form of asset sales and real estate.  Graeme Woods has developed a relationship with eXp Commercial to expand our network and capabilities.  With over 82,000 agents, business opportunities are developed in a global marketplace to all investors big and small.  Business Brokerage and Commercial Real Estate. 

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