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Financial Planning

FinancialPlanningThe focus of a financial plan can vary. For example, you may choose a comprehensive analysis which might include (but is not limited to):

  • Accumulation planning (i.e., education funding).
  • Debt planning (e.g., home mortgage acceleration, debt paydown).
  • Income replacement analysis (in retirement, or in the case of injury and inability to work).
  • The survivor needs analysis, Estate analysis and planning.
  • Portfolio analysis (e.g., asset allocation, risk analysis).
  • Qualified plan distributions and cash windfall planning (RMD’s, early withdrawal, etc.).
  • Retirement planning (Impact of life events on retirement funding.).
  • Income and asset protection (Impact of long-term care needs on retirement and estate).

Or, you may choose more limited financial consultations which would cover one or a few the aforementioned topics…

An Advisor may present you with specific recommendations as a part of the plan. Specific recommendations may include an asset allocation or risk management strategy but not specific insurance, securities, and other investment products.