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Multi Arbitrage Capital Solutions LLC

Value Management & Multiple Arbitrage

What We Do

Value Management 

At the core, we assist business owners in enhancing their company's value. This process involves strategic management practices aimed at improving key business metrics (8 value drivers) that potential buyers or investors evaluate. By focusing on elevating these metrics, you directly influence the earnings multiples at which a business could be valued during a sale or capital raising event. This strategy ensures business owners can maximize their net proceeds by selling their company or raising capital at a higher valuation.

Transaction Advisory

We help sellers implement their strategies by facilitating transactions and transaction services.  These include value assessment and pre-due diligence, analysis and full due diligence with scoring. Pre-marketing development, acquisitions advisory, capital raising with deal syndication through our investment banking and business brokerage partners.

Search Fund

Backed by strategic alliances and strategic licensing agreements with our partners. We engage in identifying, acquiring, and operating companies with untapped potential. After acquisition, the focus shifts to implementing value-enhancement strategies similar to those advised to our clients. This hands-on approach allows us to directly influence the operational efficiencies, growth prospects, and profitability of the acquired companies. Over time, this leads to an increase in their market value.  We engage in strategies involving organic and inorganic growth.

Who We are

Mission :

To find, acquire, and grow, profitable and scalable businesses while providing private business owners with independent, and strategic advice on M&A and private financing, delivering positive outcomes by leveraging our data-driven strategies, deep network, and entrepreneurial approach.



To become the leading partner for private business owners who seek to grow or exit their businesses, by providing them with innovative and tailored solutions that maximize their value and success.

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