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Search & Consult

Mission :

To find, acquire, and grow, profitable and scalable businesses while providing private business owners with independent, and strategic advice on M&A and private financing, delivering positive outcomes by leveraging our data-driven strategies, deep network, and entrepreneurial approach.



To become the leading partner for private business owners who seek to grow or exit their businesses, by providing them with innovative and tailored solutions that maximize their value and success.

Our approach is simple

Build partnerships, consult, and add value as we search.


We have flexible criteria for consultation or investment:

  • Revenue: $2 Million - $20 Million

  • EBITDA: $1 Million - $5 Million

  • Location by preference: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, New York, USA

  • Longevity & Resilience: Stable potentially recurring revenue and cash flows

  • Ownership: Private businesses where the owner are planning an exit or recapitalization

  • Industries: Business Services, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing

  • We also consult capital markets firms: Venture Capital, Search Funds, Accelerators, Private Equity.

Introduce & Learn

Our first meeting will be an introduction to determine if we have capable goals and can work together. Our initial 30-minute meeting includes:

  • Introduction, pitch, and value proposition, goals.

  • Buyer and investor screening interview.

  • Potential follow up with our due diligence partners.

Assess & Qualify

Every client undergoes the Value Builder Score™ assessment.  This is our application process to determine if your business qualifies for our services or fits our investment criteria.  You will receive:

  • A benchmark value range of what your business is worth.

  • A business performance score based on 8-driver of value set against other in your industry.

  • An idea of where improvements can be made to increase value.

  • A verbal indication of interest in acquiring your business, or consulting.  

Consult or Buy

How we proceed is dependent upon your goals and the condition and needs of the business. There are three outcomes:

  1. A Value Builder consultation engagement

  2. A consultation and sale or capital raise engagement

  3. An acquisition - If you do not pass due diligence, we can continue and assist you in a sale. 

  4. We part ways.

Why Hire Us:

Partnership Approach

We are unique as an investment bank that is also a search fund.  We consult and advise on strategic management matters as we undergo our search.  This way every owner we come across has some benefit in sitting down with us.  Those benefits are quantifiable in terms of value and income.  Owners who sell to us know exactly what we are looking at when evaluating a business.  Also, get an indication of how we intend to grow the business once purchased.  We want to protect your legacy, your employees, and your community.  As an intermediary, we screen buyers and investors with those goals in mind.  

Unique Network

We are unique because as a search fund, we operate in the search fund, venture capital and private equity community.  We take on clients who are attractive to those buyers and investors because those businesses are attractive to us as buyers ourselves. As investment bankers, we can syndicate deals in our private marketplace and expand the universe of potential buyers and investors for your business.  We pay the additional brokers who work on your deal.  Most business brokers and M&A advisors won't split fees with other brokers. We do.

Data Driven Decision Making

Our value building process is based on empirical evidence.  We can quantify exactly how we will add value to your business and how that will impact your personal financial plan.  Our due diligence and marketing processes have also undergone study and testing showing that we can increase the probability of raising capital, staying in business, and making returns to investors. We employ a data driven decision making process and can help you to implement similar processes with your business as well.

Advanced Tech

We can make fast and accurate decisions based on data because we use a systematic approach to business evaluation and due diligence.  Because of this approach we can also minimize transaction costs.  For example: Full Due diligence on your company can cost from $25 Thousand to $50 Thousand dollars.  Our license partners who have built a due diligence application can do it for $5000.  This also reduces our search costs enabling us to operate as a self-funded search fund.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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